The office address of Huahan (Suzhou) Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is located in China Garden City, Paradise on Earth, Room 301, Building 3, No. 41, Jiangpu Road, Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou Industrial Park (the address is not allowed to engage in retail), May 26, 2021 in Suzhou The Industrial Park Market Supervision and Administration Bureau was registered and established. In the first year of the company’s growth, we have always provided customers with good products, technical support, and sound after-sales service. Our company’s main business license items: second-class medical device production; goods Import and export (projects subject to approval in accordance with the law can only be carried out after approval by relevant departments, and specific business projects are subject to the approval results) general projects: technical services, technology development, technology consultation, technology exchange, technology transfer, technology promotion; Biochemical product technology research and development; new material technology research and development; bio-based material manufacturing; bio-based material sales; plastic product manufacturing; plastic product sales; similar medical device production; similar medical device sales; second-class medical device sales; mold manufacturing; molds Sales (except for items subject to approval according to law, carry out business activities independently according to business license according to law), we have good products and professional sales and technical team, our company belongs to the industry of Suzhou medical equipment agent franchise company, if you are interested in our company Are interested in our products and services, and look forward to your online message or call for consultation